Ashland’s Autumn Fairy Visits “Let’s Make a Deal” on CBS

Ashland’s Autumn Fairy Visits “Let’s Make a Deal” on CBS

September 14, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

Price Is RightAs Published at: Ashland Daily Tidings

Just landed back in Ashland after midnight from a whirlwind amazing hosting by my son, Darion, in L.A. Some time back he texted for me to check my email for a surprise when I would be going to see him.

Tickets to try to be chosen as contestants on the CBS show, “Let’s Make a Deal,” were sitting in his hand. Of course, he knows I’ll go to anything that requires wearing a costume, so he wanted to treat me. The whole experience, from being interviewed in the selection process to being in the audience was truly awesome for my aging process. And what a blast to see hundreds of people in costume! Reminded me of Ashland’s Halloween parade.

The CBS staff was really upbeat with continual high energy from greeting people to cheerleading the audience. If you’re interested in what happened, tune in April 8, 2016, to “Let’s Make a Deal.” #thatssojanai#morefunkicksat66

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