Awesome Aging Includes Topics That are Sometimes Avoided….Like Long Term Care

Awesome Aging Includes Topics That are Sometimes Avoided….Like Long Term Care

August 8, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

Cheryl Baumgarten Shares Concerns Educating on Long Term CareMeeting in gorgeous weather to chat about a concern with aging in Lithia Park by the stream made for an awesome aging conversation. Some subjects for the aging population are not common conversation. Cheryl Baumgarten specializes in long term care, stating that research shows women are most likely to need it. Many women give care to others then are left alone without anyone to help them. And often they are left depleted. It struck a chord. My mom took care of dad, willingly, but was worn out from the process.

It is food for thought, especially hearing that the insurance costs less when it is embraced at a younger age. It was enlightening and thought provoking to learn more about something that baby boomers and other ages don’t like to think about but may have to face at some point.

Cheryl pointed out that while most persons perceive they will not need long term care, research indicates 70% over 65 years will need long term care services and support at some point. More than two thirds of the claims are for home care.

After our chat I was much more informed about something that none of my friends have ever discussed. The awareness opens eyes to look directly into the face of the unknown and possibilities that exist with important choices. I was grateful for the stimulation and inspired.

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