Basking in Healing with the AromaDome in Ashland

Basking in Healing with the AromaDome in Ashland

November 8, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Yep…that’s me doing yet another alternative healing method….AromaDome. This original design by Julie Chertow is infused with specifically chosen essential oils for whatever condition needs addressing on any issues mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually.

I chose to focus on my hip surgery and supporting muscles that are sore. An essential oil consultant chooses which oils will be best suited for one’s condition and desired changes. Concentrating on slow inhalation while in the AromaDome allowed the diffused oils to penetrate my body deeply at the cellular level. Hours later I still feel results with ease and lightness in my hip and muscles. It was very tranquil and uplifting.

Essential Wellness in Ashland hosts these AromaDomes and Cafe Aroma where all foods prepared are infused with essential oils in an array of delights from vegetarian to non gluten choices. In such a beautiful space, one can’t help but feel the upliftment of the high energy and joy from the ground up where healing is the purpose of the establishment. What an amazing resource for Ashland! And they are also offering classes. Grateful for their healing presence in our community!

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