Chicken Poop Bingo Stole the Show at the Elk’s Elktoberfest

Chicken Poop Bingo Stole the Show at the Elk’s Elktoberfest

September 27, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Placing bets on a square in a cage where two chickens were wandering around was a new experience in game playing for me. It was their potential deposits on numbered squares that kept onlookers busy. Loud noises could shake the peep works as could music or who knows what else. Spending time watching and hoping for chicken poop to land on one’s square was….well….funny to say the least.

And then there was the chicken dance to live music making the connection to the chickies kindred. Cross-generational chicken wing flapping, scratching and cackling were just part of the fun. Raffles, food, lemonade and a fun crowd of folks made it an old fashioned day that brightened a Saturday like they would have done it in yesteryear.

I had to leave before finding out if I won Chicken Poop Bingo but was assured if I did, the funds would go to support families who suffer from domestic violence. There’s nothing like an organization that knows how to put on a great gathering AND help those in need. Thanks Elks! You’ve added to my awesome aging experiences. #morefunkicksat66

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