Creative Sparks Needed For Grandkiddos With Forest Fire Cabin Fever

Creative Sparks Needed For Grandkiddos With Forest Fire Cabin Fever

August 27, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Cooped up, stir crazy and fit for climbing walls, one way or another many are having touches of cabin fever with our outdoors filled by forest fire smoke. Having grandkiddos yesterday it became obvious that normal outdoor activities had to be replaced with some outrageous, creative activities to release energy and capture attention. Sibling snippeties were on the rise as I have heard from other parents and grandparents witnessing that same flavor with young ones. Onward to fun adventures.

Messes occurred that look like fun was being had. Straightening up later is my motto. That allows us to be creative and go outside the box together. Priorities! Snowball fights with indoor snowballs delighted those youngins. It looked like a snowstorm hit! Ha!

Waterplay was essential but in a conservative way with the drought. I filled water squirters, telling them I could be the target as I stood on a large towel. What? We get to soak Grandma Boom INSIDE her house? You should have seen their expressions as they aimed and hit the target every single time. I was a soggy mess but they were happy!

Drums had to hit the list of to-do’s as one of the best releases. Drumming games and rhythms took hold faster than eyes could blink. Big grins are such a great reward. Art work and dress-ups donned the scene as we listened and danced to 50′s and 60′s music.

I put tiny morsels of batter into their mouths acting like they were baby birds when we baked homemade chocolate chip cookies together. Love their chirps! An UnEaster egg hunt with plastic eggs that held little surprises delighted them.

Legos, kazoos, magnets all had their turn. Of course, the whoopee cushion was popular for quite a while.

And all this consumed the first half hour. Haha. Just kidding. We were together for six hours. Keeping their attention going in a creative, fun direction was medicine for us all. And gave me more opportunity to feel awesome in my aging.

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