I Took a Dare with a Turkey Drumstick

I Took a Dare with a Turkey Drumstick

November 30, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

Turkey Leg DareAs Published at: Ashland Daily Tidings

When I was a child in the 50′s, kids were always daring each other to do something. I’d forgotten about dares until Thanksgiving Day.

I was offered a turkey leg to take home after a delicious Thanksgiving meal by the mother of my son-in-law. She and I share the same grandchildren. When she handed me the turkey leg, she quipped, “And I expect to see you gnawing on this turkey leg on facebook!” It was nothing short of a dare. And I took her up on it. Moreover, I took the selfie right after the Ashland Festival of Lights parade in my Xmas Fairy regalia!

As adults we are too often so serious with the problems of the world that some kid-like activities lighten us up and shock us out of our habitual patterns (sometimes ruts).

The next step is that I am going to dare her to do something around Christmas to put on facebook. It makes me laugh to think we are including something electronic with our dares. May as well make this aging process as much fun as possible! But I do recall that double daring someone is NOT a good idea because it means you have to do it first. Nix on the double dares!

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