IUD is Not Just for Sex Anymore

IUD is Not Just for Sex Anymore

September 3, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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The Philco TV set required simple brain activity that I grew up with in the 50′s. Three channels. Knobs that were easy to turn. Thoughtful changing of channels occurred because one had to get up from the couch and walk over to switch the channel. Everything was slower…… like a buggy ride on an old country road where simple joys like the wind swishing through the grass was seen and savored without competition.

Today’s fast pace takes the brain on a complex super highway with so many lanes that TV brains from the 50′s don’t always keep up, let alone know how to switch to whichever lane is supposed to be best. I am speaking for myself but have no doubt others may be in my club.

More than ever, screens can be addictive for any age. TV screens, Ipads, Cell phones, computers….anything with a screen may be cause for an IUD. In May, 2013, IUD (Internet Use Disorder) was added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association. Being added to that manual meant research demonstrated that not only did screen time become a habit that disrupted daily life but that there was also neurological evidence to back up that claim. It was shown that screen time creates notable changes in brain chemistry. Dopamine, known as the pleasure chemical, plays a role in sugar addiction as well as to harder substances like cocaine. Dopamine is released during screen time. Too much dopamine is like too much sugar. Get a high and drop to a low.

Adults– keep an eye on the dosage of screen time and how children/grandchildren behave after different amounts of exposure. Behavioral changes can occur instantaneously from being too wired. Being aware of how it impacts you is equally important. Screen overdose depletes health mentally, emotionally, and physically.

As a writer with frequent use of the computer, I find it difficult to sit very long without having to get up and move my body around. I start feeling like the old adage….that I’ve got ants in my pants. (That saying had a good life along with the Philco TV.) Otherwise, not only does my body feel restless and a bit stiff from that computer sitting position, but my brain wants a commercial break from the screen glaze. Gimme nature! Gimme chocolate! Gimme back my Philco TV! At least I can still find old country roads. Now to adjust to the news that IUD’s aren’t what they used to be! haha

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