Keep Spontaneity Muscle Strong For Awesome Aging

Keep Spontaneity Muscle Strong For Awesome Aging

January 31, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

As Published at: Ashland Daily Tidings

Recent research indicates increased spontaneous activity in the ventral ACC/ventromedial prefrontal cortex in older adults was linked to reduced ratings for low arousing negative pictures. (Univ. of Alberta and Univ. of Illinois Psyc. Depts.). Thinking, feeling and acting in a spontaneous manner, in other words, reduces negativity on all levels, allowing upliftment to bring positive experiences. My friend, Michelle, came to visit and we got a chance to strengthen the spontaneity muscle.

When we headed to Stewart Mineral Springs and discovered it was closed for renovations, we discovered the joy of a dashboard buffet!!!

Transforming disappointment into adventure spontaneously, we went to Mt. Shasta and drove part way up the mountain with our picnic supplies. What a fun joy to discover how to have a dashboard buffet and car picnic while it snowed! Lap table worked perfectly.

Incredible day and magical moments from nature due to spontaneous positivity with adventure … going forward into the unknown! Success and satisfaction! Getting stronger, more spontaneous and happier with awesome aging! ‪#‎morefunkicksat66‬

Keep Spontaneity Muscle Strong 01
Spontaneous Prius Dashboard Buffet
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Picnic lap table in car while it snowed

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