Knee Health Learned from Crawling with Toddlers

Knee Health Learned from Crawling with Toddlers

August 12, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Chasing each other on our hands and knees was the cat’s meow for my grandson when he started crawling. Entering into his world gave me a rejuvenated view with flashback memories of playing with my own children at that stage. We chased each other, went under tables, behind chairs and up the stairs .It was delicious cross-generational fun connecting with each other on the floor.

Perhaps I overdid it. Frequent crawling on a hard tile floor with a vigorous pace led to knee pain. Determined to regain healthy knee strength, full healing occurred with homeopathic remedies. Three years later my granddaughter was born. When she was in full bloom for crawling, I didn’t want to miss out on the special bonding that can occur by being in that world with her. But I didn’t want to revisit knee damage either.

I found the perfect answer for a crawling granny in her sixties: knee pads! Not just one pair, mind you. It was double or nothing. Yep, two sets of knee pads. Not one stitch of pain ever occurred in my second Grandma Boom crawling stage. The only glitch was that they made me a taller crawler. A couple bumps on the head playing under the table made me think I should have worn a helmet, too. haha

A new awesome aging benefit dawned on me: wearing knee pads for weeding. It all makes for #morefunkicksat66.
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