L.A. Premiere: Met the Patels at Hot New Documentary, “Meet the Patels”

L.A. Premiere: Met the Patels at Hot New Documentary, “Meet the Patels”

November 4, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

Prior to hip surgery, my son invited me to attend the L.A. Premiers of “Meet the Patels.” It was the most entertaining documentary I have ever seen. Reviews are showering this home style film with glowing reports. New York Times Andy Webster, says, “Meet the Patels is a tidy, easygoing documentary about a wisecracking son of Indian-born parents who agrees to look for a spouse with a similar background. Peripheral players prove more intriguing than its central focus.” He is referring to the warm Ravi Patel, a successful actor (“Transformers”; the coming TV series “Grandfathered”) in Los Angeles who has separated from his redheaded girlfriend, Audrey, lacking the nerve to tell his Indian-born parents about their relationship.

Ravi takes steps orchestrated by his parents to find a wife. Efforts include a convention for singles of Indian extraction, a succession of dates across North America, attending a wedding in India and amassing a heap of “biodata” — essentially résumés circulated by relatives and friends of young, eligible South Asians.

While cardboard cutouts represented the parents who attended the premiere in Chicago, Ravi and sister, Geeta, were more than charming and friendly to chat with.

An unexpected ‘plus’ to the evening included spending time with the brilliant Co-Executive Producer, Samata Narra, who the Hollywood Reporter has just declared Hollywood’s Up-and-Coming Execs. 35 and Under.

I learned a great deal in a most enjoyable, entertaining way that left me feeling very happy and grateful to have attended this amazing premiere.

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