Pain Control from the Inside-Out

Pain Control from the Inside-Out

August 17, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Thirteen years ago I requested no pain meds for bunion surgery.Finding a doctor who would allow me to do this was a time consuming task. I lived south of Eugene at that time. Dr. M. agreed to my terms, stating she would inject medication during the procedure if she thought I needed it. But I sailed through the surgery without that being necessary.

After the 1 hr. 20 min. surgery on my right foot that required cutting through nerves, chiseling bone, and cutting out bursae, I felt naturally high. Mind/body work creates endorphines that lift me to a very happy, confident place for days. Dr. M. said she would never forget this experience.

Pain control has been a fascinating challenge for me in terms of experimenting with my own human potential. It began with root canals in my twenties. I did not inherit a great set of choppers. Next, I requested no drugs for a C-Section which carries its own unique story. Side effects from drugs do not appeal to me, having tasted that flavor on a number of occasions.

In bunion comparison, last year another bunion surgery was required on the same foot because the bunion grew back. Even though I wanted no drugs, it was not possible to find a doctor in southern Oregon who would agree to my request. Instead, propofol was used and caused some short term memory loss, much to my disappointment. It has required extra attention and work to regain memory strength. I really do not like side effects!

I love working with my own potential from the inside-out with pain since it is something that accompanies humans on this journey. And it makes for a more awesome aging process that empowers me.
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