RENEWAL: Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Research Proves Itself Successful from a Simple Tub Soak

RENEWAL: Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Research Proves Itself Successful from a Simple Tub Soak

November 8, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

water-crystal-researchStewart Mineral springs stream in the picture above is in the magic of Mt. Shasta territory. I adventured there for a soak in the healing waters at the tubhouse. It was time to step out of my lifeswirl for a bit to be grateful and do self-healing. I sought refuge for a day of Autumn cleansing to release stale energies and make way for new energies to move in.

I headed to Stewart Mineral Springs knowing it would be a renewing experience. Dr. Emoto brought his research team from Japan a few years ago to do water crystal research on the waters at the springs. Dr. Emoto proclaimed the waters there were possibly the purest healing waters on the planet and that there was only one other location on earth like it. Glastonbury has an identical situation with the male and female springs arising out of the earth next to one another.

The Natives honor the land and springs as a sacred site where male and female energies in the waters are balanced. People come from all over the world to soak in the healing waters there.

Dr. Emoto’s research proves scientifically that our thoughts can change the molecular structure of water crystals. Negative thoughts cause malformation and disrupted designs while positive and loving thoughts create beautiful and symmetrical designs. Some of his incredible photographs of crystals are displayed at the tub house.

It is essential to me that I partake of sacred spaces and healing places as I age. It creates a richer aging fabric for my whole being. It was amazing to feel the difference in my body and mind before and after my soak today. It was a great dose of awesomeness to pour into my aging! #earthisheaven@67

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