Rut Prevention ROCKS! Essential for Awesome Aging…at Any Age

Rut Prevention ROCKS! Essential for Awesome Aging…at Any Age

March 20, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

It happens to all of us. Loving life does not mean one does not get into ruts. For decades I have had the intention of preventing ruts. I can feel one coming on like a fever. Things just do not seem as bright. Energy drops a bit on the enthusiasm meter for tasks. Things begin to appear dull instead of their once bright shining appearance. Sameness. Repetition. It all means a RUT is on its way to grab attention with its doldrums and create a glaze over daily reality’s gifts.

I could feel the rut fever coming on mid-week. Essential work had to be done but my instincts told me Rut Prevention had to happen on the weekend, regardless of my to-do lists.

Success! Feeling renewed Happy Dancing and singing in the very windy day off the road in front of Mount Shasta and on the way to the mineral springs gave me freedom-to-boot. Ruts do NOT like the freedom song! Music blaring on the car radio. Picnic over the Roaring Springs stream after the mineral soak. Nature’s spring energy opens the heart to new adventures. Generating happiness and sending it out to all.

Rut Prevention ROCKS! #morefunkicksat66

Rut Prevention ROCKS 01 Rut Prevention ROCKS 02

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