Water Ninja Woman Takes on Eight Children at Water Park

Water Ninja Woman Takes on Eight Children at Water Park

August 2, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

As Published at: Ashland Daily Tidings

Drenched! Promised grandkids I would play in the water park but forgot my swimsuit! My 6 year old grandson stood his ground. “Booey, (nickname for Grandma Boom) you P R O M I S E D!” His 3 year old sister joined the movement. “Yeah, Booey, you P R O M I S E D!”

Guilt poured over me, opening the inner child doorway. They soaked me in 30 seconds flat. I grabbed a bucket and became a full fledged water warrioress. Some young boys with big water rifles entered the scene. And who did they think was the most fun target? The only adult in the water arena, not to mention one who was wearing a skirt, blouse, hat and already soaked.

The speed at which I could fill my bucket, run, toss and hit my young targets astounded even the young army that came after me from every direction. My 66 year old body was now a timeless Water Ninja!

I totally surrendered myself, my dry clothes, my responsible adulthood to being in a water war with 8 children. It was them against me and I went for it.

I was sopping wet driving my grandies back to their home . They endlessly talked about the water war. Entering into their playful world freed my inner child and brought a happiness (albeit a very wet one) to my heart that was pure gold in memory lane. Abandoning one’s normal responsible adult self to play with children is a priceless gift to both ages. My grandchildren will not ever forget the day they soaked their granny in her normal clothes. This memory duly earns a place in the ‘Awesome Aging’ files. #morefunkicksat66

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