Babies Pop Out of Womb Doing Chores

Babies Pop Out of Womb Doing Chores

April 28, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Very often when our children were young we would hear the comment, “You’re so lucky your kids are so well behaved and help with chores.” My husband and I always had to laugh. Do people think that well behaved children pop out of the womb with good manners and the desire to help with chores? After about twenty of those comments, I always began explaining that training children takes time, consistency and relentless dedication. More often than not in parenting young children, I wanted to use a tape player to just push a button repeating the instructions and discipline that was required on a daily basis. Child wellness includes being needed in a system and having a role that is responsible.

Lucky? No. Grateful? Yes. Grateful to have had the courage, wisdom and strength to train our children to have good manners, do their part with family upkeep and chores, teach mindful techniques for kids in their language system, communicate about and process daily tiffs to cultivate emotional intelligence, and to have taken time to play and just be with them. There was no dice tossing; just solid steps building a foundation for family success and the success of their futures. “Lucky,” my butt! Superkid Power gets high octane fuel from adults who take the time to be consistent and care!

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