Child Wellness

Think Inside the Box

June 17, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Grayson insisted he wanted to see what it was like to be a toy in the toybox, so IN he went in my living room this morning. Isn’t it wonderful to go beyond a set framework like thinking we can only LOOK inside a toybox? So much to learn from

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Emotional Intelligence at age 4 with mind/body awareness

June 5, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

“X” marks the spot….of where Grayson felt the body trigger with his anger he experienced the other day. Learning the mind’s angry thoughts are synchronized with the body’s angry tension and the feeling of being mad are basics in what I teach. The mind, body and feelings are friends, always

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Babies Pop Out of Womb Doing Chores

April 28, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Very often when our children were young we would hear the comment, “You’re so lucky your kids are so well behaved and help with chores.” My husband and I always had to laugh. Do people think that well behaved children pop out of the womb with good manners and the

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Messy Kid’s Kitchen Built Confidence

April 28, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

When Darion was doing homeschooling, he had to learn the basics, of course, but I always had a strong bias that children need to express what THEY want to learn about, too. It gives them validation and a sense of worth to be asked what they think is interesting and

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Kids and Compassion

April 15, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Sweetness in its purest state. I stayed with Grayson all day today as he was sick. When Claire got home from daycare, she massaged Grayson’s back when he was lying down, then his head when he sat up, making soothing sounds. Compassion and sweetness will melt any heart!

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Strengthening the Trust Muscle

April 3, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Watching Claire climbing the stairs and being right there to protect and support her, I flashed momentarily on that FEELING of being supported and protected, someone having one’s back, so-to-speak. What a precious gift that is – to give and to receive. Pure caring. Absolute trust. Feels wonderful on both

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Toddler Science

March 12, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Science experiment with a toddler! I am on the Advisory Board of Healthy Start, an organization helping support and educate low income young families with children ages 3 and under. Today I worked with some of those families. Photo: An 18 month old little girl places her hand on the

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Grandma Fashion Statement

March 9, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Grandma Boom’s Medicine Tool Belt. Claire was sick with very runny nose. No pockets in my clothes. Perhaps a new fashion statement for grandmas? Or maybe a photo shoot for Kleenex? hahahahaha

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Conversation with a 4 yr. old about health

March 7, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Friday lunch with grandie, Grayson: “Grandma, how’s your health?” I stopped chewing, rather surprised to hear that question pop out of his mouth so matter-of-fact. “My energy is good, Grayson, thanks for asking.” “Grandma, when I eat good food I pick up my toys faster for Mom and Dad. Water

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