Magic Words Better Than Magic Wands

Magic Words Better Than Magic Wands

April 28, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

ABRACADABRA PRESTO! Please. Thank you. Excuse me. Achoo… Bless you. These words coming out of a toddler’s mouth melt hearts, create communion between the toddler and caring adult(s) and other children, also open minds to what can be possible with the magic of words. It is a level of child wellness showing its true colors when a toddler begins to have good manners.

My 2 ½ yr. old grandson sneezed the other day and immediately said, “Bless you, Grayson.” My heart smiled wider than the sky’s horizon. He had no discrimination about who to say, “Bless you” to when there was a sneeze. He was equal to everyone else! How precious! These magic words create a level of respect for the child as he is building confidence with good manners andemotional intelligence.

Not long after that he was in the toddler bossy mode and tried to direct me to kneel down by the train set to play with him. “On your knees, Grandma Boom. Play train with me.” I looked at him with strong, direct eye contact and a firm voice, saying, “Ewwwww, when you say it like THAT, Grayson, I don’t want to play. But when you say ‘Please play train with me on your knees, Grandma Boom,’ I get excited to come play with you.” At that point I jumped up and down like I was really excited. He studied me for half a second, smiled, then rephrased his request instead of demanding and bossing me. “Please on your knees play train, Grandma Boom.” You can bet your booties I was on my knees lickety-split! Parenting and grandparenting young children is really such an enlivening experience. Enjoy! And make a difference with magic words. Kids know they are Superkids when their magic words touch hearts and open doors in their world. And, boy, will that ever serve them all through life!

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