Mother Screams Like Wild Banshee in Grocery Store

Mother Screams Like Wild Banshee in Grocery Store

April 28, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Two ends of the parental spectrum blared out at the grocery store. A frustrated mom yanked her preschooler, screaming wildly at him to leave things on the shelf, slapping his bottom and dragging him as he wailed to the cashier stand. Calming techniques for kids and parents would be a great prescription for them. Two minutes later a different mom in the next aisle stooped down, spoke to her precocious preschooler at eye level, explained why it was not acceptable to run in the store, then asked if the child understood. Seeing an answering nod, she held the child’s hand and guided her calmly with a firm sense of direction through the store. There are always choices in parenting young children.

A menagerie of images flooded my mind, fast-forwarding into each child’s future. The first child’s coming years were entangled and muddy. The second child’s future had a sheen and clarity, giving it the brightness of hope, understanding, connectedness and success. Everyday experiences can build or destroy emotional intelligence for children. Both moms and their children appeared to be from the lower economic spectrum. Both children will have very different lives, their futures not dependent on a wealthy financial background but rather on intrinsic value or lack thereof. One child’s mind will be expanded from the store experience and the other will be twisted in degradation, anger, humiliation and lack of self-control. One child will know the experience of being respected and how to respect. She is building a conscience while feeling connected to her parent. The humiliated child does not know forgiveness, and has mixed messages about being loved. It’s obvious which child can develop the empowerment of feeling like a Superkid!

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