Expanded Eye Contact Brings Unforgettable Smile of Peace

Expanded Eye Contact Brings Unforgettable Smile of Peace

April 28, 2011 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Did you ever notice how short our attention span is when we look at someone with direct eye contact as adults? Have you noticed the innocent staring of a baby, toddler or young child simply holding that gaze for a long time when looking at you or someone else? It is amazing to see the difference in comfort level with children vs. adults in direct eye contact longevity.

The other day I was putting Grayson down for his naptime. He asked for singing and for me to rub his feet. As I did that and was looking at him, hoping his eyes would become droopy and he would nod off for the rest he needed considering his hyperactivity level, he began smiling his beautiful smile at me. His eyes smiled in harmony with his mouth. He just stared at me as I sang and rubbed his feet. After about one and a half minutes, I thought he would surely nod off from the boredom of staring at me. Not so. I found myself smiling back at him in the most incredible communion with another human being. There was nothing to say or do except share the peace and upliftment of that staring smile. The length of time it occurred escaped me. I was lost in that smiling stare. It became pure happiness and pure timelessness. A spot in my life that is etched in my heart forever, having filled it with the light of our souls touching.

May all children and adults be so fortunate to have this kind of experience with others. It is the Superkid Power we all need inside our beings to be expressed and connect with each other and to the world.

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