Moments With Mason Make for a Fun, True Connection

Moments With Mason Make for a Fun, True Connection

April 28, 2011 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Ever wonder after you’ve spent time talking with someone if there was a good solid connection? The kind of connection where two minds and two hearts link up and can see something in or about the world orwith each other in the same way? There’s no doubt about your view being misunderstood or a quandry of thoughts about the other person’s perspective. You just know. Sometimes you know by a feeling. Sometimes there’s a gesture, a hug, a leaning forward with a pat on the back or arm, a twinkle in the eye, a mutually big smile or head nodding. You KNOW you’ve connected. And connecting with children feels the same but may have different forms of feedback.

In a Doctor’s office recently, the nurse mentioned her son, Mason, 3 ½ years old, was at work with her for a while that afternoon. I’d seen pictures of Mason over the years but had never met him. She offered to introduce me.

Mason’s deep, perfectly beautiful eyes reflected the afternoon sun as he entered the room. What was going on inside his darling head? Some woman wanted to meet him. What does that mean to a preshool child? He was shy but open, eyes glancing intermittently at the floor while sneaking peaks of this woman who asked abouthim. Knowing he loves dirt bikes, after the intial hi-names-ages were exchanged, I asked him about dirt bikes. BOING! His channel was turned on! Even though we only had moments to share, we were really being together in a way that felt satisfying. The feedback loop confirmed this when, about ten minutes later, the nurse needed to bring me an ice pack, mentioned it to her son in her office, and he offered to bring it to me. Talk about feeling honored! When he handed it to me, his gorgeous eyes were twinkling for all they were worth. We smiled, I thanked him and complimented him on how kind and caring that was to bring me something I needed. His stride was lively. He knew I meant it. I knew we connected again. WOW! That’s my kind of win-win! Connecting with kids successfully makes for high octane fuel in building Superkid Power!

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