Spring Fairy Shows Daycare Children How CARING Strengthens Hearts

Spring Fairy Shows Daycare Children How CARING Strengthens Hearts

April 30, 2016 Awesome Aging, Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Spring CARE Fairy taught 36 daycare children, ages 2-5 yrs., that our hearts feel happier, shine and are stronger when we care about people, animals, earth, chores and more. When we don’t care, our hearts are not as happy or shining or strong.

I took a puppy with band-aids (stuffed) and let each child tell the puppy he/she cared and pet the puppy to FEEL the caring. All children agreed they could feel it and they liked how it felt.

For holistic, whole body learning, we sang a song I created: “I’VE GOT A SECRET I WANT TO SHARE. I FEEL GOOD INSIDE WHENEVER I CARE”. Roleplaying, drumming/marching the caring song, artwork and more, made for a power punch session. Caring makes for happy hearts. They FELT it and knew for themselves.

When doing one roleplay about someone not caring and being grumpy, a 4 yr. old boy said, “Maybe that person didn’t get cared for so he didn’t care.” THAT was impressive for a preschooler to really ‘get’ what this is all about. I love children learning from the inside out and have done it for 40 years with my expertise I created back then….3D learning. Making it REAL!!!#earthisheaven@67

Below telling puppy “I care about you.” Then petting it. Last photo: Breathing caring into our hearts with deep breaths.

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