Teaching Children Heart Connection with the Earth

Teaching Children Heart Connection with the Earth

September 21, 2015 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Grandma Boom’s part Native American heritage was called upon today. Unity, eclectic and non denominational, invited me to teach the children today about a Native American (I am part Cherokee) chant with my drums that creates union with our hearts and the hearts of the Earth Mother, joining together as one heart. It was so successful they have asked me back again next week to not only teach the children but lead the whole congregation in this chant. Time to honor the earth with indigenous keys. This instills a deep connection of appreciation that the earth is alive and helps us thrive. I made a large green earth with red heart we sat around. Story of the amazing way I was chosen to be given this chant and wisdom is in my book, “The Grandma Boom Chronicles…More Alive at 65.”

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