Treating Children with Respect as Whole Human Beings

Treating Children with Respect as Whole Human Beings

January 14, 2014 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

“Why do you live alone, Boo?” Grandson, Grayson was in the back seat while I was driving. We all know it’s best to keep things simple with children while being honest. “Because there isn’t anybody to live with, Grayson.” Silent moment, then his caring voice with deep eyes looking reflective that I could see in my rear view mirror, said: “Are you sad and lonely?” Hearstrings impacted on this amazing question from a five year old. “Sometimes, Grayson, I do feel sad and lonely but most of the time I really feel happy. It’s up to me if I am happy or not.” He took it in, staring out the window. I’m grateful to share at the heart level with my grandchildren. I ended with how happy I was to be with him and his sister yesterday. He smiled.

Treating a child as a whole human being brings respect to that child so he/she can feel it within himself. Being honest and simple in serious questions give children a feeling of being seen and heard, felt and loved. Bullies need this. Actually, we all need this.

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