3 Year Old Coriandra Tells Her Mom, “I love myself!”

3 Year Old Coriandra Tells Her Mom, “I love myself!”

July 2, 2013 Early Prevention 0 Comments

Last week I had the supreme pleasure and joy of playing with 3 yr. old Coriandra in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Graced with an amazing smile, dazzling eyes that take you into her heart and a memory that just doesn’t stop, Coriandra is filled with the heart of a happy dancer and singer.

Prior to the visit, Coriandra’s mother emailed, sharing that she is using my three recently published books, Superkid Saves the Day, Superkid Camp and Dragonella with her daughter, finding them helpful. These books, selected by Goldie Hawn’s Foundation as recommended resources for parents and teachers on their website, teach important foundational awareness and skills for self-help, self-love and mutual respect for all.

After exposure to the books, Coriandra began telling her mom that she loves herself. That is a core life experience where many people of all ages fall short. A deficit of self-love, limits mental/emotional/physical/spiritual perspective in terms of happiness, health and fulfillment. Preschool children do have the ability to grasp such concepts, IF they are taught and depending on HOW they are taught. Healthy role models are assets but not essential to understanding the feeling of self-love and how to fuel it.

Coriandra’s mom was so excited that her daughter spontaneously began sharing her newfound awareness by saying, “I love myself.” She knows that her daughter has an advantage in life, not dependent on anything external, but nurtured from the inside out. I’ll be willing to bet that Coriandra will continue feeling like a Superkid with a double advantage: she is sooo obviously loved by her family and she also loves herself! And she knows how to shine her light of love into the world!

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