Basics on Stranger Safety, Self-Calming and Listening to the Inner Voice

Basics on Stranger Safety, Self-Calming and Listening to the Inner Voice

April 17, 2014 Early Prevention 0 Comments

Butterfly/Spring Fairy: Teaching preschoolers about stranger safety, asking adults for help, listening to their inner voice that lives in their hearts, flutters like a butterfly giving guidance for good choices from inside them if they are calm, take deep breaths and listen!

What you can do:

1)Inform young children that it is a good choice to ask you or another adult they know if they can say hello or talk to someone they don’t know who has approached them with a hello or other comment. Also tell them about the little voice inside their hearts that can feel if it is an ewwwww feeling with someone or a good feeling around someone. Internal resources referred to as ‘hunches’ or intuitive feelings, ‘gut’ feelings are scientifically proven to be valid.

2) If children are lost in a store, very important for them to not leave the store and look for someone with a name tag to help them. Take them to a store and show them people with name tags. Children should know their parents’ names, cell phone numbers, address. At age 4-5 they are more than ready to learn this, some children can at an earlier age.

3) Teaching children how to breathe slowly and deeply to calm themselves is essential for them to be able to make good, clear decisions and hear their own inner voices.

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