Emotional Intelligence Training needed for Parents

Emotional Intelligence Training needed for Parents

July 28, 2013 Early Prevention 0 Comments

Priceless! Four year old little league opposing teams being friends and having FUN! Everybody wins! Second base Grayson kept talking to the other team members who hit baseballs and got to second base. The coach had to keep reminding Grayson to turn around and stop visiting.

Grayson’s team, at one point, heard the other team chanting the girl’s name who was up to bat, so Grayson’s team started chanting along with them to cheer her on. OMG!!! This stuff is so precious! The two teams were FRIENDS. They had FUN. A friend sitting next to me commented how it isn’t like that when they get older because the parents get into squabbles and even sometimes fights. Why? Why does it change?

I think a bit of emotional intelligence training would be good for the ‘adults’ who set horrible examples for the kids. Winning a game is never worth harming. I like to imagine what it would be like if these little league kids kept the same attitude. I’d like to see all reasons dropped for causing ill feelings at kids’ games, maybe even illegal. Give those ranting parents tickets for being out of control! That causes undue pressure for the kids AND anyone else around having to witness it.

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