Remember When……..And Then Put Your Two Cents Worth In

Remember When……..And Then Put Your Two Cents Worth In

April 28, 2011 Early Prevention 0 Comments

Remember when you were a young child? Remember when somebody noticed what you were doing and gave you a compliment? Remember when you really liked something that happened? Remember when you got to do something extra special because you were ‘older now?’ Remember when you suggested an idea or did something to help solve a problem in the family or with the pets outside or a stuck toy in the furniture? Remember something important. And then decide what it is that you can do to help create really great memories for a child you know and care about.

If you don’t have children and don’t have a job that touches their lives directly, think of something really encouraging to say or do the next time you are in a park or grocery store and a child passes by. Maybe it will be to say, “How nice that you are helping your mom carry the groceries!” as you smile. Or perhaps it will be to compliment some young parents on how well they are caring for their children, “It’s nice to see your good parenting style and caring tones when you interact with your children.” The children of those parents will feel like a million bucks. So will the parents! The child carrying the groceries will feel ten feet taller and be encouraged to do that grocery carrying again because it matters. It makes him/her feel important. The mom will be so proud that her child stands out in the day to a stranger who acknowledges a simple act of responsibility.

We have so much power every day to make a difference in children’s lives. And one of the bonuses is that it just plain FEELS GOOD to do it. Now THAT is a bonus that tickles every cell inside us. One wonders about that actually being a dose of happy medicine from our own nature’s reserve!

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