Scrunching Anger Out of the Body Good for All Ages

Scrunching Anger Out of the Body Good for All Ages

September 30, 2015 Awesome Aging, Early Prevention 0 Comments

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Little hands wrenched the play dough in the daycare group I teach stress skills to. It is one of the techniques I also use with teens and adults. This hands-on experience begins releasing built up tension/stress/anger/frustration and helps one to SEE and feel in a tactile sense what it looks and feels like living inside the body. All ages benefit. All ages need it. Doing it together with young ones is a gift that keeps on giving and demonstrates that we are all human and striving to tap health and happiness.

Making sounds to show what the play dough would say is another great release and brings some great laughs, too. Imagine a bunch of growling, huffing play dough dogs! Talking and processing is great for further understanding.

After pounding, pressing and pushing play dough into stressful shapes, taking deep breaths for further release, then making happy, calm play dough shapes gives children immediate feedback about their inner resource power to CHANGE what is going on inside them.

What a great awesome aging tool for ALL ages who want to use their life energies in ways that prevent blockage, stress related illness, negativity and poor life choices. Quality of relationships can be damaged or destroyed through pent up body/mind/emotional stress that is released inappropriately…or repressed and stored in the body. There’s always a choice.

Had a stressful challenge this morning. Think I’ll go punch some play dough and do some growling and barking! The good thing is that I don’t require doggy treats! haha

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