Solving Problems Sometimes Means Asking for Help

Solving Problems Sometimes Means Asking for Help

February 1, 2014 Early Prevention 0 Comments

“HELP, BOO! HELP, BOO!” Stuck. Claire tried a new experience on some gym equipment for kids and froze when she couldn’t get down. She started yelling for me. Her body was so stiff when I helped her to get off safely. I encouraged her for knowing she needed help to solve her problem. Research shows that today’s children going into school have a deficit in abilities knowing how to solve problems. Asking for help when needed is an asset I’m glad Claire has and knows how to express it.

It’s good to encourage children to try different ways to solve problems. This expands their minds and helps them to look creatively from different points of view. In this case with Claire, it wasn’t safe for her to get down alone so asking for help was an emotionally intelligent move on her part. I complimented her knowing when to ask for help. This helped her to feel good about her decision and will serve as an encouragement for her to remember to ask for assistance when it is needed.

Kids want to know they make the right choices!

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