Encourage Stress Prevention with Feeback for Superkid Power

Encourage Stress Prevention with Feeback for Superkid Power

May 16, 2014 Superkid Power 0 Comments

One day when my granddaughter, Claire, was still in baby form, her hands were throwing toys off her Bumbo tray as fast as I could pick them up. NOT picking them up quickly to keep her entertained would mean listening to THE SOUND. (think…animal jungle monkey-ape) I put her up on the table to be a part of what was going on…..Grayson was painting Easter figures in a wide array of expressive color-mixing and layering. Suddenly, he looked up at me as a couple of toys flew past his cute head and said, “I will be sad if Claire throws toys on my artwork.” WHOA! Earlier I had been talking to him about preventing bad feelings and talking about how we feel. His amazing little mind put it all together.

“Grayson” I said as I went over to him and held his cute little face in my hands, drawing my face closer to him with precision eye contact…”I am SOOO proud of you talking about your feelings. I will move Claire away from you right now so she can’t throw her toys on your artwork. YOU just prevented a stressful situation and bad feelings by sharing YOUR feelings right now. I am SOOOO very proud of you.” Claire, bumbo seat and toys moved south. Grayson’s face beamed with the glory of success and Grandma Boom tried to balance changing paint water for the brush every 60 seconds with keeping Claire’s toys on her tray and doing my own prevention work with THE SOUND.

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