Nightmare Child Stress Transformed into Superkid Power

Nightmare Child Stress Transformed into Superkid Power

September 18, 2013 Superkid Power 0 Comments

Saved by my grandson from a sea monster in his dream! My little Power Ranger, Grayson, informed me he had a dream that he and I were at the ocean and a dragon sea monster came after us. He said he had a dragon sea monster sword. In the dream he told me to get behind him so he could protect me. He then proceeded to chop the monster into little pieces (I won’t give you all the very gory details…guystuff!!) so they could get lost in the sea. While I’m quite visual and not so much into scenes of chopped up monsters, I could see that my grandson was feeling really good about protecting me since he mentioned it three times. His face was looking at me for a reaction. I told him I was so grateful and glad that he protected me. A mile wide grin covered his face. Mission accomplished with yet another queasy tummy for Grandma Boom!

Children’s dreams are dramatic for them. I have encouraged Grayson to talk about his dreams since he was 2. Sometimes he has scary dreams and feels powerless. We have talked about changing the
fear into courage and strength not just during the day but in his dreams, too. This dream is significant because he felt empowered. Just because I don’t like gross scenes, it isn’t good reason to ignore or not talk about what is important to HIM.

Grayson was empowered. That came from somewhere inside him. Courage and caring for his Grandma were more important than being afraid and powerless. Helping children to see in daily reality that there are many ways to find their courage and inner strength can have important impact for their self-confidence. Evidently, that carried over to his dreams. He felt successful. That is an essential stepping stone for continual strengthening. He truly felt his Superkid Power! And the child stress that occurred in his dream transformed into empowerment. He was one happy Power Ranger!

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