Helping Others During my Crisis

Helping Others During my Crisis

April 15, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

When in crisis, my motto is to help others less fortunate. As I watched the homeless line up to get into the shelter, I felt grateful I am temporarily homeless in a different way….just don’t have the new address yet. When I entered the shelter with all the homemade food, I was greeted with such gratitude. Tonight I also served the food as they are not allowed to serve themselves because of hygiene issues. I did a little better tonight coping with the odor. Their manners were impeccable. Some recognized me as the Xmas Fairy who delivered their Xmas gifts. After the meal I visited with a group of guys.This Thurs. night is the last night of the season for the shelter to be open for night refuge. I asked what they will do. They shared what it is like to sleep under a bridge and said it is a little less cold, the noise of the cars doesn’t bother them and the rain doesn’t soak them. I listened. They talked. One guy looked like the spitting image of Robert Downey Junior but his hands were filthy, hair dirty. His manners and gratitude were exemplary. I pondered how two people who look the same have such different lives. I asked a couple of folks how they wound up homeless. One guy said he was born in Reno, raised in Vegas and his life was so complicated and twisted that he doesn’t bother talking about it because it is too hard to understand for anyone, including him, and he has to just keep going, having lived in many states. One older man’s legs were so swollen he’s fallen twice this week. I encouraged him to massage them which he agreed was the best thing. A woman said she eats very little and listens to her body’s needs, avoiding foods that make her feel badly. One man in his forties goes to libraries to read books and news online to stay stimulated. They so appreciated the homemade food and that I took time to just visit for awhile. I came away feeling so rich in my heart, so grateful to them for so graciously receiving my humble offerings from outside their circle of comradery. I am so happy to have my motto and feel content tonight as I sort and pack not knowing where I will live. Grateful and beyond!

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