Homeless Shelter Visit

Homeless Shelter Visit

February 21, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

Took fruit salad & homemade coconut pecan cookies. I always feel happy when I do this. Arrived just as the shelter doors were opening which is a time of mayhem while men and women scramble to find the spots on the floor where they will stay for the night. Elizabeth has a bad cold. Steven greets me with a big, somewhat toothless, smile and kind words. Others see the food I have brought and smiles erupt. There is always an odor that I have to ignore and remember to keep feeling my heart and theirs. As I leave, one guy tells me that they think my name is Sparkles because of my… sparkles I always wear! Haha …not quite the name I ever thought I would have at this age!! Haha

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