Latest Grandma Boom Review

Latest Grandma Boom Review

March 5, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

Very touched by this latest review someone from Canada wrote about “The Grandma Boom Chronicles…More Alive at 65!” Grateful people are taking time to write about their experiences with the book.

Carrie Bailey, Toronto, ON

“An Inspiring and Powerful Book…The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65 is a very powerful book. There are so many things I appreciate about it. Grandma Boom writes with honesty and humor. In these Chronicles, even her difficult experiences are described with grace and gentleness. It enables the reader to easily empathize and relate to her. I also appreciate the strong thread of resilience that is woven throughout. Grandma Boom teaches that a challenge can be used to make us stronger. This inspiring attitude made me love her even more and appreciate the magic she possesses. Grandma Boom is a spiritual teacher and a humanitarian. She demonstrates a life well-lived and she leads by example!

This is a great book – for young and old. It would be perfect for book clubs to read and study because of the universality of her experiences. It is a book that uplifts my soul and makes me want to strive for greater and greater heights! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Grandma Boom!”

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