Grandma Boom Time

World Peace Prayer Day with Chief Arvol Looking Horse

June 22, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

There was magic on this day of World Peace Prayer Day organized by Native Americans high up on Howard Prairie Lake. As Chief Arvol Looking Horse spoke of our planetary need for peace and the symbolic appearance of white animals on earth that is happening now, a white bird flew

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Unexpected Award for Grandma Boom!

May 13, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

SURPRISE arrived in the mail! Evidently, I won 3rd place in the Pear Blossom Run in my age category of 66 to 69 years. I didn’t even know they gave awards. Kind of fun to know my trot was faster than I thought! More fun kicks at 66!

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Remembering to Empower Myself

May 9, 2015 Energy Sparks, Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

AFTER. and. BEFORE. The Before… Feeling tired, discombobulated from boxes and decisions and getting oriented to new placements of things in a new space and dealing with injustice from property manager and condition of where I moved into that needed much attention. The After… Listening to my body needing body

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Bubble Wrapped OUT Rap!

May 6, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

It’s wordless. Moving does wonders for losing it. One sure way to enter Zombieland! Michelle’s annual trek to help me move deserves documentation! — with Michelle Nowak.

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Helping Others During my Crisis

April 15, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

When in crisis, my motto is to help others less fortunate. As I watched the homeless line up to get into the shelter, I felt grateful I am temporarily homeless in a different way….just don’t have the new address yet. When I entered the shelter with all the homemade food,

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Happy’66’ Birthday to Me

April 6, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

Happy ’66’ Grandma Boom birthday happened yesterday on Easter! Feeling a natural high when dancing in the rain with street musicians’ live music freed my spirit, energized my body and fueled my joy. And a happy time playing with the grandies was a natural fit for being Grandma Boom after

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Attended Qi Gong Workshop for Health and Energy

March 30, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

Another Qi Gong weeknd learning wonderful techniques to improve energy, health and well-being. “Big Tree” is the name of an exercise that is a standing meditation. We did this for 30 minutes at a time with eyes closed and visualizing as we were breathing that we had roots going into

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Edutainment is My Business!

March 13, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

GO WOMEN GO!!!!! Edutainment is my business. Educate while entertaining. WESO – Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon Event last night in Medford, Or. My vendor table: 7 books I have authored, 3D learning props, 8 dozen homemade cookies for passers-by (some of whom want the recipe), free stress test with

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Lively Radio Interview

March 11, 2015 Boom In The Room, Grandma Boom Time, Radio/Television Interviews 0 Comments

KSKQ Radio studio. Introduced as Grandma Boom! Co-hosts Kayla and Carson were awesome to do the show with. I used some of my 3D learning tools & techniques to teach children about their inner world resources of mind/body/emotions. Even adults love this approach! We had a blast and they’ve invited

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