World Peace Prayer Day with Chief Arvol Looking Horse

World Peace Prayer Day with Chief Arvol Looking Horse

June 22, 2015 Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

There was magic on this day of World Peace Prayer Day organized by Native Americans high up on Howard Prairie Lake. As Chief Arvol Looking Horse spoke of our planetary need for peace and the symbolic appearance of white animals on earth that is happening now, a white bird flew overhead. As we gathered in a circle around a huge medicine wheel dedicated to all faiths and all prayers becoming one prayer for peace, a Bald Eagle and Ospry repeatedly flew in a circle directly above our circle for over an hour. Heart energy warmth could be felt as though we were in an ancient temple filled with thousands of years of sacred ceremony. How fortunate to be present. How grateful I am. And deeply contemplative about how to live, what to do and take even more steps for inner and outer peace on this magnificent planet that IS our home. Arvol said Mother Earth is NOT a resource. She IS a SOURCE.

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