Messy Kid’s Kitchen Built Confidence

April 28, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

When Darion was doing homeschooling, he had to learn the basics, of course, but I always had a strong bias that children need to express what THEY want to learn about, too. It gives them validation and a sense of worth to be asked what they think is interesting and

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Artwork brings the inner world out

April 25, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Even before I asked Grayson to explain how he felt when he did this artwork, I KNEW. In its simplest form, it is still obvious what someone feels when expressing creatively with artwork. “I felt happy in my heart I got to play outside in the sunshine.” As image making

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Making messes doesn’t bother kids!

April 17, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

As you can see, Grayson put his whole body into learning how to roll out bread dough. Boy, did we have a lot of flour on our clothes! There’s something special about bringing some treasures from past tradition into the present to go forward into the future. I love teaching

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Kids and Compassion

April 15, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Sweetness in its purest state. I stayed with Grayson all day today as he was sick. When Claire got home from daycare, she massaged Grayson’s back when he was lying down, then his head when he sat up, making soothing sounds. Compassion and sweetness will melt any heart!

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Babies speak up in their own way

April 13, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Claire knows how to get her point across! Grayson did something she did not like when she was eating so she decided to let him know. Who says ya need sentences to communicate your feelings? And I will add that she has no problem with turning up the volume to

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Honoring Problem Solving

April 9, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Don’t ya just love watching wee ones learn how to problem solve when learning to feed themselves? I do! When Claire dropped Grandma Boom’s spaghetti off her spoon, she’d pick up with her hands. You can see the stuck noodle between fingers that she used her spoon to get and

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Play with children…be happy together!

April 7, 2013 Relationship Building with Young Children 0 Comments

Grandie, Claire, was excitedly happy to climb up on me and keep me in tow to her lively interactions, wanting to play and play and play. Thank you, Miss Claire, for making sure I stay lively in this sixty-fourth year and can play just as vigorously as you can! Race

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Strengthening the Trust Muscle

April 3, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Watching Claire climbing the stairs and being right there to protect and support her, I flashed momentarily on that FEELING of being supported and protected, someone having one’s back, so-to-speak. What a precious gift that is – to give and to receive. Pure caring. Absolute trust. Feels wonderful on both

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Simple Answers to Deep Questions

April 1, 2013 Relationship Building with Young Children 0 Comments

“I don’t see heaven even in the distance, Grandma.” What a precious statement from a four year old who has obviously been thinking about life and death, where his dog is, wondering where my parents are and spending time trying to see heaven in the sky. On Easter Sunday at

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Silly is good for ALL ages

March 21, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Definition of “silly” is: Lacking seriousness or responsibleness; lacking common sense. Grayson picked up Claire’s little babydoll stroller and decided to put it on his head as a hat, laughing at his own sillies and calling me to look. Children know how to enter into sillyland without hesitation. Most adults

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