Cross-Generational Hilarity

April 20, 2016 Cross Generational Activities, Relationship Building with Young Children 0 Comments

This short video encapsulates cross-generational hilarity. My granddaughter asked me to play “scream and laugh” and make a movie out of it with my cell phone. She insisted we practice several screams before filming. She is 4. I am sure she is a born director. What ensued was an experience

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Grandma Boom quoted in the Huffington Post

April 19, 2016 Awesome Aging, Parents, Publicity 0 Comments

In their recent article, “We Love These 10 Tips For Grandparents Taking Grandkids On Vacation”, Huffington Post has listed some of my grandparenting advice. Keep Must-Have Medical Forms With You Cover your “in case of emergency” bases, advises Janai Mestrovich, aka the blogger behind Grandma Boom. Pack a medical release

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SuperKid Power: Self-Help Stress Skills For Young Children

March 11, 2016 Children and Stress, Superkid Power 0 Comments

Facilitator: Janai Mestrovich aka Grandma Boom aka Freedom Fairy and Xmas Fairy in     Ashland Parades TESTIMONIALS: “I took a deep breath instead of hitting my sister.” 5 yr. Old “I squeezed my mad feelings out on a sponge.” 4 yr. Old “I took deep breaths and shook my body to

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Wish I Would Have Learned This in Childhood

March 4, 2016 Awesome Aging, Connecting with Children, Early Prevention 0 Comments

Pirates landed yesterday. They had a disagreement 32 daycare children witnessed. So we learned that when something happens in the world around us, we think something with our minds and FEEL a feeling IN our bodies. Awareness rules before self-control can happen! Thoughts and feelings are always connected. Drumming and

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Fear Freezes Or Frees Human Potential

February 29, 2016 Articles, Child Wellness, Early Prevention, Publicity 0 Comments

I will take you on a journey of my childhood feet into managing it as an adult. Then I have some great tips on how to help children develop healthy patterns of dealing with fear. Harnessing the awareness and tools at a young age gives children a boost for higher

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Hatch Soup V: Superkid Power

February 12, 2016 Children, Publicity, Radio/Television Interviews 0 Comments

Hatch Soup V is a community dinner and a pitchfest powered by the nonprofit, Hatch Innovation. Attend the event on Sunday, February 21 to watch these innovators pitch their projects, and vote for your favorite. One hundred percent of your ticket revenue goes to funding the winning project. Support social

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Getting MAD Feelings Out Healthily With Preschoolers

January 27, 2016 Children and Stress, Early Prevention 0 Comments

How do we begin preventing massacres? I am doing my two cents worth and have for 40 years! Another session today….Teaching 30 preschoolers healthy ways to get MAD feelings out: Artwork marking X where mad/anger starts in the body and where it feels good with a star when we release

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A MIRACLE in Grandma Boom Land

November 23, 2015 Children, Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

A MIRACLE has manifested that I am tearfully grateful for. A funder came forth and has given a grant to Medford’s Family Nurturing Center (relief nursery) to purchase 800 (yes, that is eight hundred) books I have authored to help children and families with self-help skills. Two hundred families will

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