Author Activating Plans To Prevent Genetic Alzheimers

Author Activating Plans To Prevent Genetic Alzheimers

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Author Activating Plans To Prevent Genetic AlzheimersShe says it is her ‘Second Spring.’ Michelle Nagel, grandmother to eight grandchildren, is giving birth to herself, having already given birth to four children who are grown and out of the nest. Abused as a child, she was ruled to the core by a governing hand that said her place was in the home as a wife and mother. Something simmered inside her while she obeyed the rule and fulfilled her directed destiny. And then they were gone….the abusive marriages she left and eventually all the children grew up, leaving home. While she loved mothering, the simmering whispered continually that there had to be something ‘more’ to do with her life.

Second Spring became a theme for Michelle Nagel to self-heal and apply her thorough process in helping clients, as well as participants in her thought provoking speaking engagements and life changing workshops. Empty nesting brought deep concerns such as, “Who am I? What do I do now?”
Once into her empowering process, Michelle reports experiencing a soul shift to create a life worth living, to prevent Alzheimer’s that runs in her family and to grow up and be who SHE wanted to be.

Compelled to write a book that would encompass strategic, potent keys to assist others in calculating their self-healing formulas has brought a feeling of satisfaction to this woman who is actively preventing Alzheimer’s. Empowering as it is to read the title of her recently published book, “SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL,” digesting the contents accelerate the healing potential exponentially under the umbrella of being empowered to choose a great life worth living. “SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL: Step Out of Darkness into the Light” by Michelle Nagel, MH, weaves her personal story with discoveries and applications easily translated into the reader’s life. She is an exceptional guide in exploring and healing the intricacies of symptoms that cry for freedom from blockages binding and limiting personal growth.

Michelle’s mother and grandmother have suffered with Alzheimer’s. Michelle has had in-depth experience in caring for her mother. After observing the innate patterns of both relatives, Michelle began eliminating tendencies that are known to feed Alzheimer’s. Her mother and grandmother both withdrew from life. Michelle has chosen to expand hers. Her bright, determined eyes see deeply and tell you in wordless fashion she can SEE you and knows how to help.

Michelle’s aging process has been youthening for her spirit. Some of her accomplishments on the self-healing journey have been to become a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer, founding Soul Shift, Inc. ( and developing an international reputation as a Transformational Trainer. Most importantly, she is excited to be alive and adventuring into her future that SHE is creating! She has made a choice and is accountable. Michelle can be reached at

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