Christmas Fairy Homeless Project Is Uplifting

Christmas Fairy Homeless Project Is Uplifting

December 19, 2014 Inspiration 0 Comments

XMAS FAIRY ‘ WORKSHOP with one elf helping today. Thanks Patricia Florin!! So happy enough funds arrived to include combo meals at Wendy’s for $6.60 to 25 homeless persons, bags with thermal socks, toothbrush, paste, anti-bacterial, protein bars, and goodie bags with pretzels , crackers, some chocolate and cookies. I was just notified that Melinda will be sending a donation to cover vitamin packets and cough lozenges. Next I will bake some goodies to include. Very happy that this is coming together for the homeless shelter! Life always has its challenges. Helping others brings a healthy perspective in one’s own life. Grandma Boom loves wearing the Xmas Fairy cape!

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