“Why and How Did You Come to Be the Xmas Fairy?”

“Why and How Did You Come to Be the Xmas Fairy?”

December 12, 2016 Awesome Aging, Inspiration 0 Comments

“Why are you the Xmas Fairy? How did you come to be the Xmas Fairy?” So many ask. Here is my response.

Growing up I wanted to have the job of being Santa Claus. But being a girl, it was impossible. I also wanted to not have to wear a shirt on hot humid days in Kansas as a child. But even though I looked just like my brother, I had to wear a shirt and be uncomfortable not understanding why. Boys got BB guns. Girls didn’t. The list goes on.

When I became a Mom, at Xmas time I started being the Xmas Fairy and took homemade goodies in a cape while singing to friends and businesses. Now with so many needs all around us, I feel the very humbling yet empowering passion to be the Xmas Fairy to those in the homeless shelter. It feels like Santa only better. It is the empowerment of the STRONG female form of compassionate nurturance without discrimination, without hesitation and with the true epitome of goodwill being expressed.

For the record, those who contribute are mainly female. Only 1-2 males yearly donate. I find that fascinating and I wonder if the tables would be turned if Santa was doing this. Still needing $ donations…..they are slim so far to provide for 40 homeless. Feeling grateful that I created the Xmas Fairy who operates without a sleigh, reindeer or a ton of elves getting the work done. And it is special to wave the singing wish wand that brings magic to everyone. It all makes my aging process more and more awesome! #earthisheaven@67 $ Donations can be mailed to Xmas Fairy, %Janai Mestrovich, P.O. Box 1201, Ashland, Or. 97520

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