Life & Health

Self-Help Tools for Greater Awareness and Self-Control

June 26, 2015 Life & Health 0 Comments

40 second presentation at Ashland Chamber of Commerce this morning demonstrating with a mirror (dirty part rubbed with mashed banana) the difference in how we see our inner worlds of mind/body/emotions. Tools such as biofeedback help us see ourselves clearly, increase awareness and options for self-control.

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Benefit Color Run Blasts Grandma Boom with COLORS

May 16, 2015 Cross Generational Activities 0 Comments

5K Benefit run for Habitat for Humanity. Thousands of people all ages showed up in white, ran and were sprayed with colors. High energy. FUNtastic cross-generational event. Before and After piks give an idea of the mess I must clean up! Worth every ounce of clean-up time! More fun kicks

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Cross Generational Fun: Christening A New Kitchen Space

May 16, 2015 Cross Generational Activities 0 Comments

Grandma Boom has moved, fourth time in four years. Seems I rent from folks who want to sell. Getting moved in, trying to feel like it is home. And then, invited the grandkiddos over to bake applesauce muffins which provided the christening for a home feeling el pronto! We all

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Remembering to Empower Myself

May 9, 2015 Energy Sparks, Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

AFTER. and. BEFORE. The Before… Feeling tired, discombobulated from boxes and decisions and getting oriented to new placements of things in a new space and dealing with injustice from property manager and condition of where I moved into that needed much attention. The After… Listening to my body needing body

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Playing with Children Keeps us Young!

February 6, 2015 Connecting with Children, Cross Generational Activities 0 Comments

Three year old Miss Claire insisted I had to be a hungry crying baby while she fixed my food. She was not satisfied until I did the real deal…wawawawaaaaaaa….and then I got to eat! Role reversals and creative roles keep the brain stimulated and help relationships that are cross-generational in

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Liver Drumming on a Saturday Night

January 26, 2015 Energy Sparks 0 Comments

Liver Drumming. Healthy, happy liver is what I colored and then wore pinned on my liver area. I hosted a drumming dedicated to our livers. Everyone did artwork and wore it. I taught them Qi Gong techniques for liver cleansing and toning. And we drummed visualizing healthy livers. FUNDERFUL way

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New Moon Winter Solstice

December 22, 2014 Energy Sparks 0 Comments

Time for new beginnings. I hosted a drumming in honor of these special energies at this time when we prepare ourselves for a new year. I invited everyone to draw symbols on a paper heart of what they wanted to change and manifest in their lives in 2015. And then

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New Adventures Fuel the Spirit

November 18, 2014 Energy Sparks 0 Comments

Watermelon seed spitting under the palapa in Ixtapa, Mexico. First time ever sitting down spitting. Always stand for good distance power…guess I am on vacation! And first time spitting seeds on the beach. Simple joys go a longgggg way!

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I Can’t Remember My Number

November 10, 2014 Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade 0 Comments

The older gentleman was fraught with tension as he punched in one number after another for his membership at the store. Six people were waiting in line after him, including me, and I was standing next to him. The clerk waited patiently, encouraging the gentleman to keep trying. But the

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