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More Alive!

September 29, 2014 Publicity 0 Comments

PinkIsTheNewBLog01By: Trent
Pink Is the New Blog
Published: September 27, 2014

This month, Darion’s mother Janai Mestrovich published her latest book titled The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65! and she graciously sent me an early copy of the book for review. For the past few weeks, I have been spending as much time as possible reading her book and truly enjoying every word written. Janai is a mother first, yes, but she is also an adept educator and author and getting to see the scholastic side to her personality by reading her words has been a delight. I am nearly finished with the book but last night, I spent a bit of time engaged in More Alive at 65! and I feel compelled to share some of my lurve for the book with all of you today.


The Grandma Boom Chronicles (taken from a nickname given to her by her grandchildren) is a book made up of stories from Janai‘s life that have taught her valuable lessons which she, in turn, is able to impart to her audience as lessons that can be applied to their lives as well. Janai has a wonderful way with words and her stories unfold in such a way that the reader feels like they are hearing the stories being told to them personally. A really great writer is able to draw the reader in and that is the feeling that I have while reading Janai‘s book. Because I know her, I have the luxury of benefitting from her warm and loving company. I am not exaggerating when I saw that Janai is one of the most caring and thoughtful people that I know. Her positive energy is so infectious that it is quite impossible to be upset or sad in her presence. She has show so much love and support for me over the years that I am just really thrilled that her book manages to share this part of her with the rest of the world. In any event, I still have some more reading to do before I finish the book but I would like to point you in the direction of Janai‘s website HERE so that YOU can learn more about her work. I would also like to point you to her book page on Amazon HERE in case you would like to read this book along with me. As a former educator myself, I know very well how difficult it can be to successfully impart knowledge and experience to others. Teachers are our society’s greatest resource. I fully believe that Janai Mestrovich, AKA Grandma Boom, is one of the great teachers and it is my sincere hope that her book is able to touch others far and wide.

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