New Consciousness Review of The Grandma Boom Chronicles

New Consciousness Review of The Grandma Boom Chronicles

February 18, 2015 Publicity 0 Comments

Another new review of my book! I’m so very excited and blessed!

Journey with the spirit of human potential in this captivating self-help memoir. Witness the journey of a Baby Boomer girl lacking self-esteem who learns how to go beyond genetics to transform a difficult past, unleashing blocked energy. Using keys of wisdom, she changes her destiny. The creative power of imagination with her inner child, play and fun become healing agents. More alive at 65, Janai Mestrovich, aka Grandma Boom, sees aging as an opportunity to expand human potential. Compelling background stories of a sheltered life in the 1950’s captivate the reader with extraordinary occurrences that provide fuel for Ms. Mestrovich to set her compass on a new direction in life. Transforming past negatives into a realistic and positive framework for her future, she pioneers self-help-programs personally and professionally that enhance holistic education for youth and holistic aging for parent and grandparent generations. Aging gracefully, Janai finds that each new birthday she must find ways to have more fun than the year before. Keeping gratitude as a wisdom key in conjunction with a positive attitude provide light for the tunnel of darkness in life’s stressful turmoil and challenges. Success in finding happiness within instead of dependence on external reasons to temporarily embrace happiness becomes a reality. She uses crises to catapult herself into a new arena of self-worth. The Grandma Boom Chronicles excels in making connections from her grandparents and parents’ way of life to a new way to experience aging and grandparenting. From pain control to intuitive occurrences, adventures in the wild and newly developed techniques for use with herown grandchildren, Janai settles into a delightful approach for her own holistic aging process.She includes keeping her inner child active with a vivid imagination, playful demeanor and fun as tools for a healthy aging process. Ms. Mestrovich acknowledges that cross-generational activities with young children and youth of all ages keep the brain stimulated and the demeanor more active. With a second adulthood in her mid sixties, she partners with the idea of the inner child’s second childhood for a robust life experience that brings more laughter and an upbeat attitude. Fun grandparenting lends a hand in a joyful manner. Having a sense of adventure and deep purpose for helping others, Janai Mestrovich adventures into threatening and unusual experiences that allow her to tap more of her own human potential.

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