Phoenix Rising From My Childhood Story

April 21, 2016 Articles, Grandma Boom Time, Inspiration, Publicity 0 Comments

I have a brief excerpt of my childhood and growing up published at One Story Road. Please take a few minutes to visit their site and read my story.  If you like what you read or can relate to my story, please vote for me at the bottom of the

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Fear Freezes Or Frees Human Potential

February 29, 2016 Articles, Child Wellness, Early Prevention, Publicity 0 Comments

I will take you on a journey of my childhood feet into managing it as an adult. Then I have some great tips on how to help children develop healthy patterns of dealing with fear. Harnessing the awareness and tools at a young age gives children a boost for higher

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Healing The Planet Through Children Knowing Themselves

December 8, 2015 Articles, Publicity 0 Comments

Prevention of senseless murders, substance abuse, other abuse, holding onto grudges and punishing oneself, feeling victimized and blaming, lack of self worth projected onto others with judgments to raise oneself up in band-aid form…..and so much more can be prevented. We need the children to help change sick patterns occurring.

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Grannies can Muscle Up, Too!

July 29, 2015 Articles, Publicity 0 Comments

eSouthern Oregon July 28, 2015 It was one thing to push my palms against door frames as a teenager to try to get bustier. Didn’t work. Sleeping on marbles to get dimples didn’t work either. Every life stage has presented opportunities to develop and explore my human potential in all

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Inner Peace: Transmitting Inner Peace Through Touch

July 23, 2015 Articles, Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

Ashland Daily Tidings July 17, 2015 It was 1976. I heard my baby wailing as the nurse carried her into the room after my Caesarean section. The second my daughter was placed in my arms, her crying stopped. A sweet cooing sound filled the silence and my heart. It was

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