Grannies can Muscle Up, Too!

Grannies can Muscle Up, Too!

July 29, 2015 Articles, Publicity 0 Comments

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July 28, 2015

MuscleUpGrannyIt was one thing to push my palms against door frames as a teenager to try to get bustier. Didn’t work. Sleeping on marbles to get dimples didn’t work either. Every life stage has presented opportunities to develop and explore my human potential in all realms of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual territories, defined by age and interests.

So here I sit typing with my 66 yr. old fingers wondering how I can build strength and health for some awesome aging. Biceps are lookin’ good between TRX exercise classes, lifting grandchildren (weighs in as a legitimate exercise) and hiking. But those triceps are wailing for attention.

“What are those things on your arms, Grandma Boom?” “Oh, hon, those are my flappers. The under part of my arms are called triceps. They flap a bit so I cut off sox that match my outfits to keep my flappers from flapping.” Being six years old he did insist on a flapping demonstration, much to my chagrin. Then he wanted me to poke his biceps as he flexed for all he was worth. He was sure to poke mine for a comparison and his eyes widened a bit in surprise at his Grandma Boom’s guns.

Feeling strong is a common meeting ground across the generations. Hey grandkiddos, Grannies can muscle up, too! P.S. Triceps, you are not off the hook. I’m comin’ after ya!

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