Beautiful Mare Beaten, Healed with Love and Chiropractic Adjustments

Beautiful Mare Beaten, Healed with Love and Chiropractic Adjustments

September 11, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

dizzy-the-mareI have known people and animals who have been abused in my life and it has always left me wanting to know how to help them. In my aging process, that connection to helping and healing continues to grow even stronger. Spreading the word about healing actions is a heartfelt endeavor. The documentary, LIFE Adjusted, created a whole new awareness about chiropractic healing.

Imagine being beaten to a pulp and frightened to death of anyone approaching you. Feeling broken on all levels…mentally, emotionally and physically. That is what Dizzy, the mare, felt like after being beaten with a baseball bat immediately following the murder of her two relatives in her pack that she witnessed. She was two years old.

The Incredible, Must-See, Documentary, “LIFE, Adjusted” was shown Saturday night, Sept. 10, at the Prasad Foundation dinner/film fundraiser in White City,Oregon. It is a ranch setting founded by Penny Barreras where abused animals, inlcluding Dizzy (in photo), who are exposed to domestic violence are taken in, loved, nurtured and healed.

Chiropractic adjustments released the trauma for Dizzy who had dramatic changes witnessed in the documentary LIFE, Adjusted. It was filmed by Sean Marc Nipper of Reel House Films, Ashland.

If you want to see a powerful documentary and learn more than you thought you could about healing animals, SEE THIS DOCUMENTARY!

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