Dolphins Help Heal Illnesses and My Good Fortune to Swim with Mama and Baby

Dolphins Help Heal Illnesses and My Good Fortune to Swim with Mama and Baby

December 7, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Delifiniti Ixtapa is an amazing center in Ixtapa, Mexico, where dolphins acquaint humans with their sweetness. They are also used for a variety of illnesses where a psychologist or doctor brings a patient who is in the water for 30 min. with the dolphins. Reports that mental imbalances, cancer, anxiety, sleep disorders and more are being boosted in healing and considered an integral part of the therapeutic process. The trainer reported to me that patients are calmed immediately and improve such needed qualities as sleeping better in the initial contact. Saul said that the dolphins emit a special sound that connects directly to a certain part of the brain in humans that have mental imbalances. That sound can be heard underwater by some.

Fernando and Saul, trainers, have the utmost respect for the dolphins. They granted me the tremendous privilege of being with Mama Juvia, 21 yrs., and 16 month old baby, Nene, for twice the alotted time. It was very interesting that Juvia and Nene kept gliding over my left hip surgical area very gently. They did not do that to my right side!

Mama Juvia and Baby Nene each consume 40 lbs. of fish daily. They have 88 teeth and do not grow another set. Mama decides 2-4 years after giving birth if SHE wants to have another baby. Another interesting fact is that dolphins do not have vocal cords. Sounds come out of their blow holes. When they sang to me I got blow hole spit-mist all over! haha What an experience!

When the trainer signaled the dolphins the session was over, Mama Juvia kept swimming circles around me….over and over. It was such a special embracing feeling….like I was part of their pod/family. Words do not capture what occurred. Truly an awesome aging experience. #morefunkicksat66

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