Healing Reports from Tuning Forks/Sound Healing at McCall House Today

Healing Reports from Tuning Forks/Sound Healing at McCall House Today

September 18, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

Sound Healing today at historic McCall House B&B coupled with Platt-Anderson Cellars wine tasting welcomed people from other states. The lovely Amanda Butler, McCall House exceptional Innkeeper, received a tuning fork session along with sound healing. She reported, “I felt relaxed and it cleared out tension and chaotic energies.”

Others reported feeling calm, not wanting to leave the session, feeling stronger heart energy, reduction in mid-back pain, lessening of arthritis pain and more. Some of the pure toned instruments I used were chakra chimes, clearing bell from Bali, Tibetan bells, Tibetan singing bowl, Lyre strung according to Pythagorus’ theory of the fifth element and tuning forks which serve as sound acupuncture.

We humans are conductors of sound. It travels through us. Harsh sounds cause us to cringe and tense. Pure tones bring about deep calming peace and release blockages in the mind and body. My awesome aging attitude includes natural healing methods that give tremendous benefits and do not require being ill. Tune-ups are so much fun. It is rewarding for me to see and hear how people respond and what they gain from such a beautiful healing approach. #earthisheaven@67

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