Inner Peace: Connecting With A Dark Soul To Share Inner Peace

Inner Peace: Connecting With A Dark Soul To Share Inner Peace

October 4, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

inner-peaceHe was tall, wearing all black with hair to match. I noticed him when I entered the temporary homeless shelter Christmas Eve. The man in black stood motionless, leaning on the doorway entrance from the while I made the rounds giving out packages. My son, Darion Lowenstein, chief marketing officer for Gamblit Gaming in Los Angeles, accompanied me as he had the year before, holding the box of packages for easy access.

The care packages were filled with warmth necessities, food, vitamins, cough lozenges and homemade goodies from my kitchen. Friends’ monetary donations allowed me to purchase needed items, then assemble them for 36 homeless persons. Fortunately, good friend Lisa Manyon, (“The Business Marketing Architect”) gave an evening of her time to help the assembly line — which is not as tasty as Lucille Ball’s chocolate factory scene!

On Christmas Eve, I don myself with Christmas Fairy regalia and a singing wand that I wave over each person’s head while a wish is made. I speak with each individual, using direct eye contact, always managing to touch an arm or hand if that is amenable. Some want a warm hug. Upon finishing my rounds, as I headed to the door, I was surprised to see the man in black still standing motionless in the same place. The blank stare in his eyes was as austere as a barren landscape.

The man’s aura was also dark and a cold air surrounded him. Just as one can sense fear or joy, darkness and light can be felt in others if we listen to our extra sensory perception.

Everyone else staying in the shelter had claimed space for the night’s rest on the floor. The man in black would be the 36th person to receive my gift and had made no floor claim. When I approached him, his dark eyes gave a chilling sensation of isolated coldness, just like the energy I sensed around him.

As the Christmas Fairy, I do not judge. I observe. I represent the true meaning of good will, just as Santa Claus does universally.

I approached him, smiling like I did for every other homeless person in the shelter. As I handed him the package, his stare intensified as he said, “I have done some very bad things and I don’t deserve gifts.” My heart opened even more at that very second with the light of compassion pouring into his heart and soul that seemed so empty and pained.

I lifted my singing wand to encourage a positive wish for each person that night, waving it above their heads as it sang its sweet, heart-filling tone. As I explained what I was doing, he slightly bowed his head under the wand, showing receptivity. “Make a wish,” I said, sending a kind look with my eyes. “It is Christmas. Goodwill is for everyone.” In that second when I finished speaking, his eyes shifted ever so slightly, narrowing and softening.

The man did not know the meaning of inner peace, yet something opened in that moment and he spoke words I was literally shocked to hear. Still holding eye contact, he spoke in a whispering soft tone. “Blessings to you.” And then the wand’s singing tone subsided as he lifted his head back against the door frame. For a second that felt like an eternity, our souls joined at the heart level with inner peace being the connector. Something was touched inside him, something deep longing to connect with inner peace, light and love. From his own darkness he was able to generate light for a second and connect. Joy filled my heart. It was the kind of joy that is irreplaceable and irresistible.

It was my own inner peace that shone a light that the man in black opened his heart to greet. Had he ever known that in his life? I would guess not. His presence was too hardened with layers upon layers of ironclad walls.

I went on Christmas Eve to give hope. And I came away receiving it. Inner peace has a magic all its own and a calming joy that speaks to all of life.

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